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Disaster Recovery Assistance for Communities in Alberta

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About Helen Wright

Helen Wright has 21 years of Senior Management experience in a variety of public and private sector environments, of which the last 13 years included management and delivery of more than 40 multi-million dollar public sector grants and governmental audit processes. The programs delivered were the Natural Gas Rebate Program, Disaster Recovery Programs and the Municipal Wildfire Assistance Programs. The primary role was to coordinate the applications of municipalities to ensure that the Government of Alberta maximized the opportunity for municipalities to gain maximum funding.

Helen Wright also has 13 years of experience providing superior interpersonal skills in delivering the front line response to the public, and dealing with people in distress. She filled a lead management role in the delivery of registration centres to communities affected by disasters, working with both the local municipal administration and the affected applicants. She has extensive experience in policy creation and review relative to disaster program delivery and the associated provincial and federal government policies.

Helen has strong process creation skills and management experience in process assessment and review for training a team in "best practices". This skill has been demonstrated in presentations to the Government of Alberta finance groups dealing with submission and accounting processes, payment processes, and audit requirements relative to Disaster Recovery. Processes were adjusted after these presentations to gain efficiencies. Several other educational sessions have been provided to First Nations related to program delivery.

Helen has extensive knowledge of the Alberta Emergency Management Act, its Regulation and Disaster Assistance Guidelines developed through 5 years as the Program Coordinator for more than 20 Disaster Assistance Programs, and through 5 years as Deputy Program Coordinator for 29 Disaster Assistance Programs (excluding the 2013 program). Helen co-authored the rewrite for the current provincial guidelines.

Helen Wright has superior ability in co-operative policy creation and review as demonstrated in the re-write of the Municipal Wildfire Assistance Program.

She has superior leadership skills in guiding a Disaster Recovery team through many Disaster Recovery Programs as the Event Coordinator responsible for program delivery.