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Disaster Recovery Assistance for Communities in Alberta

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Our services include the preparation and submission of reports provided to the municipality. These reports breakdown the data as required to align with the municipality's systems.

Types of Reports

Damage Assessment & Repair Estimate Reports

Damage assessment reports are required as part of the estimates for repair submission that is forwarded to AEMA (Alberta Emergency Management Agency) for approval. These reports involve a detailed description of the damage and the corresponding repair plan in addition to the estimated cost to repair.

Verification & Documentation of Completed Repairs

Final reports are used to verify and document completed repairs. They describe the status of all infrastructure projects and the accompanying repair expenses. The documentation and verification of completed projects can be vital in ensuring accurate payment when AEMA (Alberta Emergency Management Agency) is unable to inspect the projects within the same calendar year.

Status Reports

Status reports provide information regarding those projects whose access can be delayed because they are regulated by other regulatory bodies such as the Federal Department of Oceans and Fisheries (e.g. fish windows for water ways).


Statistics can be drawn from existing data to provide municipalities reports that may be relevant to their future planning.